Ginger Hoji tea

What’s Hoji cha in Kyoto Japan?

Low caffeine tea with a savory aroma.

Hoji tea is roasted over high heat until the tea leaves turn reddish brown.
By roasting process, the fragrance of the tea will be like relaxing aroma.

No worries to drink before going to bed.

Hoji cha tea is known as the tea baby and children also can drink in Japan.
So Almost “0”worries about losing sleep!

【Caffeine in 100g tea】

Component of Hoji tea

1, Pyrazine
Pyrazine is an ingredient formed when amino acids and sugar are heated at high temperatures.
Since hojicha is made by roasting tea leaves, pyrazines are formed when the amino acids and natural sugars in the tea leaves are roasted.
It makes our bran relaxed and improve blood flow.

Theanine is a type of amino acid in hojicha.
It brings out its refreshing flavor and sweetness.
Theanine is also a component unique to tea and is found in high amounts in green tea, gyokuro, matcha, and black tea, in addition to hojicha.
Theanine promotes comfortable sleep and enhance concentration.

3, Vitamin C
The vitamin C in hojicha is resistant to heat, and the amount contained in hojicha is said to be about 5 times of lemons.
Vitamin C is useful for beauty because it helps maintain healthy skin.

Catechins are a type of polyphenol, a substance for the distinctive bitter, astringent taste of tea.
Catechins are considered to be antioxidants, which expected to have antibacterial properties.

Ginger Hoji tea

Kyoto Ginger Hoji tea made by KOTO farm includes organinc hoji tea and dried ginger tips.
It’s produced by Japanese tea master, Rie KURANAKA of Tea Ceremony KOTO.
The best Japanese tea mixing with ginger is Hoji tea.

The fragrant aroma of hojicha and the ginger are in perfect balance!



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