Kyoto Ginger Hoji tea

All made in Kyoto.
Pesticide free Ginger × Organic hoji tea!


・All made in KYOTO JAPAN

・3g×20tea bags /   50gleaf bag(NEW)

・Hot tea; Shogaol warm your body.

・Ice tea; Natural & refreshing taste is recommended for summer.

・Hoji tea has less caffeine! Made by Tea shop in Uji since 1751.

What’s the difference between Ginger tea?


Since it’s blended with Hoji tea, it has gentle taste.

   〇 afternoon tea with sweets

   〇 together or after meal
 Especially, after a strong-tasting meal,  it make us feel refreshed!

 ★We can enjoy both HOT/ Ice

Customer Comments

The aroma and spiciness of ginger spreads in the mouth and warms the body.
“Pesticide-free ginger” was a good reason to purchase.
It is good for warming up both winter and summer under the air conditioner.
The thickness of the tea changes depending on how long you leave the tea bags on, so I enjoy finding the thickness I like.(40s woman)

Very good balance of moderate ginger flavor and hojicha!(50s woman)

The aroma and spiciness of the ginger match well with the hoji tea, giving it a refreshing taste.
I recommend you drink after eating fatty food. (50s man)

After drinking ginger hojicha, my constipation was cured.(60s woman)