Ginger in KOTO farm

A year of Ginger in Kyoto Japan

Koto farm are using “Brown rice amino acid microbial agriculture”.
We only use plant-based fertilizer made from rice bran and husk.
We are on the way to obtain the certification of JAS ORGANIC.

March Till the field well and oxygenate the soil. Also add primary fertilizer.

Middle of April~ Planting. Hand-split and plant seed ginger 100g.

The end of May~June Germinate about 30-40 days after planting.

June Segregation begins. Add handmade fertilizer made from rice bran and husks, and foliar sprays.

July-September Further division of the bulb. Fertilizer and foliar sprays.
The average maximum temperature in Fukuchiyama City in July and August is 31-32℃. Pulling out weeds by hand is hard work.       

November    Harvest! Ginger leaves are plowed into the soil as green manure.

☆New ginger is white, but after about 2 months of storage in 15℃ storage, it turns golden brown.


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